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Guitarist, Singer-songwriter

“To reach the heart core, soul to soul of the listener is my goal as an artist”. Having toured extensively with Nashville recording artists between (1992-2008) then a 180 degree turn to touring with the late legendary Father of JamBand “Col.Bruce Hampton” 2014/2015. After millions of miles I deeply feel I have arrived full circle to speak my own truths as a musician”.  Currently I also tour as lead guitarist for John Schneider & the Stars and Bars Band. 

Born and raised in Hartland, Michigan a small town just North of Ann Arbor. A sixties child immersed within the music of Motown, Rock, Blues, Country and Jazz became enlightened by the music of the Allman Brothers which led to Miles, Coltrane, John Mclaughlin, Tony Rice, Pat Martino, etc, etc. As a solo acoustic artist I see myself as carrying a torch as a modern day Richie Havens so to speak. A deep underlying message of peace flows throughout my music. 

Currently I perform as a solo acoustic artist and with my band Peace Merchants spreading my message as wide as I can on a world trajectory. I would love to play your event or fill your need as a freelance guitarist! 


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